Thursday, February 5, 2009

Can You Say Processed?

So, plans are really easy to make, and even easier to break. My morning started out kind of rough. Shane woke up sick, Owen didn't want to get up, and Benj hates socks. As I mentioned yesterday, I had to work today. I felt so guilty about having to leave Shane at home alone while I went to work. In the mean time my sister called to see if I was working 'cause she needed a sub too, and could I pick Sebastian up for school, I couldn't pry Owey out of bed with a crowbar, and Benj, for the 100th day in a row gave me crap about the kind of sock I was "making" him wear.

In my hurry to leave early I didn't grab my water, or my tuna. I did stop at the store and buy 2 big bottles of water and two snack size pieces of cheese. Also my mind was eased a bit as school started when my rockin' baby sitter, Tanyia (who had three of her own kids home sick) offered to have Shane for the day. I did get a chance to run home when the kids had music to grab my tuna, pork rinds and my dip. I also had on hand 2 Slim Jim Meat and Cheese sticks, so I brought those too.

Lunch at school today was one of my favorites. Taco Salad. I stood firm though and ate my food. I had about three or four ounces of my tuna salad, and one ounce of pork rinds with dip. And to keep away from the taco salad, I had one of my Slim Jim thingies. Then later when the class room had a snack, I had too had one, my other Slim Jim.

Finally the day was over, and boy was I exhausted. I took myself a nice long nap! Everybody had whatever they could find for dinner (I know, I'm a great mom huh?!). I finally got hungry enough to eat at about 9:45. There really isn't anything that I want to eat in the house, so I just had rolled up deli ham with 2 oz of cream cheese, and a few ounces of pepperoni. I was so uninspired and lazy that I didn't even weigh stuff to know exactly how much I had. But, looking back at all the things I ate, I am shocked at how much processed "stuff" passed my lips. I bet all those salt and chemicals will have me retaining some fluid. I'm glad that I am not weighing myself until Sunday.

I am hoping tomorrow will be a better day.

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Amy said...

He doesn't. like. socks?

Hold on while I go faint. I love socks. alot. disturbingly so. lol.

'Fend For Yourself' dinner is my favorite. "Quit bothering me and make your own damned sandwich already!" (hee...I don't really say that, but it does cross my mind...)