Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Day Two...Is it over yet???

I have almost made it through day two. I have a REALLY sick tummy tonight, and I'm trying to figure out if it is what I am eating, or a tummy bug. There is one going around. I did fairly well today. All total I have had :
1464 calories
100 grams of fat
23 TOTAL carbs, (about 16 net)
116 grams of protein

(In case you are wondering how I get my totals, I am keeping track of my foods on Fitday.) Here is what I ate today:

Breakfast - 3 egg omelet, 1.5 oz cheese, 3 strips of bacon and 12 oz of English Toffee Tea with Liquid Splenda. (In the picture you will see 4 bacons, but I had to share with my boy, Benj, who was home "sick" today.)

Lunch- 4 oz deli Turkey with 2 Tbs Garlic Garlic Dip

Snack- 1 oz pork rinds with the GG Dip I had left over from lunch

Dinner - 5 leftover bacon wrapped scallops, 2 oz raw broccoli, 6 oz raw green beans, 2 Tbs GG Dip. (See. Veggies!)

I did choose too have a bigger breakfast today, and I am glad I did, I felt more satisfied for longer.
Today, my hubby Matt helped me make of things that will make my Low-Carb journey easier. I am going to have to wait until Friday to go shopping for anything, (I lost my wallet this past weekend, and my new debit card won't be here 'till Thursday, and I have to work that day.), but at least I have a place to start. I am definitely going to get some turkey breakfast sausage, and 1 carb ketchup. I don't remember what else is on my list, but that is why I have a list right?! Next week I am going to endeavor to actually plan out my week in advance.
I am so glad that we live in the information age. There are some kick-butt low carb recipe sites out there. Two of my favorites are:
These sites are really going to come in handy for planning. More on that later.
I guess I have rambled enough for today. I'm off to try to get some sleep.


Amy said...

I know they say to watch it with the nitrates in bacon, but dammit...I would have been staying on plan if I could have eaten bacon all the time. LOL Bacon wrapped asparagus.....bacon wrapped green beans.....bacon wrapped bacon...

Amy said...

Ummm, bacon wrapped bacon, that sounds yummy! I'm really Jonesin' for a steak today though! Thanks for stopping by!