Friday, February 13, 2009

Making a Mental Note.

NOTE TO SELF- Isomalt and Maltitol are NOT my friends. In fact, they hate me. Yesterday, I made the colossal mistake of having 3 sugar free cinnamon disks. My tummy was rumbling like a thunderstorm the rest of the day! Luckily, because I only had the three, there were not too many other repercussions, if you know what I mean!

As for my meals yesterday, here is what went down:

Pork Rinds, and a Cheese Stick for breakfast.

Another Cheese Stick for a snack.

Two Nathan's Brand Cheese Hotdogs for lunch, and only 1 carb each!
Then I went a realllllllyyyyy long time before I ate again, and I only ate then because I knew that I has not had enough calories. So I had some low carb Sloppy Joe's that I had made for the kids the other night. Pretty yummy.

Then to finish out the day I had some Romaine Leaves with Ranch Dip. I LOVE dip, and if it didn't have so many carbs, I'd put it on everything!

Today's (2/13/09) Foods

NOTE TO SELF #2 - Taking pictures of Bacon Double Cheese burgers, while driving, is not only a stupid idea, it makes for a terrible picture! Sorry about the picture quality. But this is one of the pictures I of the 2 BDCB I ate this morning.

Then, again after several hours, I had to eat again, so I ate some steak with the kids.

And, to finish off my meal, I had a yummy dessert of a pickle pack and 2 cheese hot dog.

I am sure there is more to write, but just now, I am falling asleep, as I am typing. So I'll check everything out int the morning.


Amy said...

ohmahgahhh I love Nathan's hot dogs! They're my favorite.

~PakKaramu~ said...


Amy B said...

Are you doing LC...cause I am and I am so over it..BUT 95 pounds gone..I guess it is worth it..
Let me know how you are doing..