Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Oink Oink, I was a Hungry Piglet Today!

Today was a cranky, moody, emotional, draining day. And, oh boy, was I hungry. It probably would have started better if I had started with a real breakfast. But, no, I started with pork rinds and dip. Why?, you ask. Very simple I was tired...okay...more like lazy. Lazy from being tired? Sleep is still eluding me, I sleep, but, get no rest. I really HATE waking up tired. So instead of cooking myself a good and hardy breakfast, I went for the easy out. Same followed for lunch and dinner. So, here is today's winning menu:

Breakfast: Pork Rinds w/ Garlic Garlic Dip

Lunch: 3 oz Tuna with 1 oz Cream Cheese and 1 oz Mayo 3 oz raw green beans

Dinner: 2 Dissected Double Quarter Pounders with Cheese, and Pickle.

All I drank today was water. I was so jonesing for a steak today. That is probably why I pigged on the MickeyD's.
I'm working tomorrow for the 4th grade teacher at my kids school. I am making a mental plan as I type, so that I don't screw up. Plenty of water and probably leftover tuna salad. I am thinking of ordering a grilled chicken salad at out local restaurant, The Wheel Inn. Okay, I'm done thinking for the night! Ta-ta.


Amy said...

What is it about McDonalds that calls our name seductively?! I would totally kill for a burger right about now...

Amy said...

Yeah, me too, but I would rather have Burger King. But, where I live the only fast food chains with in a 25 mile radius are McDonald's and Subway.